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On View in the Main Campus

O’Fallon artist Edmund Bazan, who creates reproductions of famous paintings in colored pencil, has recently loaned his latest work, Raphael’s Holy Family of Francis I, to the Schmidt Art Center. This breathtaking work is on exhibit in the Belleville Main Campus building, first floor.

Artist Statement:

On the artist Raphael Sanzio called “Raphael”

Urbino, Italy 1483 – 1520

In his brief life of 37 years, Raphael became the most venerated artisan of the Italian High Renaissance. To give some idea of his status, after Raphael’s death one of his contemporaries wrote,

“With the death of this admirable artist, painting might well have died also. For when he closed his eyes, she was left all but blind. It is indeed to him that the arts, coloring and invention have all been brought to such perfection that further progress can hardly be expected and it is unlikely that anyone will ever surpass him.”

If that eulogy were not enough evidence of his status, we know from history

that Raphael’s influence continued throughout Europe for centuries after his passing. Ingres, Bouguereau, and Picasso were just a few of his ardent admirers.

My color rendition of Raphael’s Holy Family of Francis l (so named because it was commissioned by the ruler) required about 8 months of 10- to 14- hour days to complete. It is approximately the size of Raphael’s original now in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. The framing is my own design and handiwork.

Probably in no other manner can a person gain as much appreciation for another artist’s work as by taking the initiative to reproduce the work.  It is my hope that in this project I have paid a worthy tribute to this important artist and brought some level of interest and enjoyment to whomever views it.  This is not an attempt to promote a specific religious viewpoint, but to offer an image of universal appeal regardless of faith.  Underlying the portrayal of the Holy Family is the direct human sentiment expressing warm family unity.

A work of art isn’t truly finished until it is on display.  Enjoy!

Edmund Bazan

O Fallon, Illinois

June 2011

Thanks to the Schmidt Art Center for their assistance in this exhibit.

You may remember Ed Bazan from our Colored Pencil exhibit in fall 2009.