Student Worker Interview: Nicole Marianovich

Next on the easel, Nicole Marianovich, our student worker.

How long have you been working at the Schmidt?
I have been a Schmidter for about 7 months-ish.

What is the strangest question you’ve been asked while working here?
I don’t recall.

What is your go-to media as an art student?
My go-to media is pencil/charcoal, but lately it has been oil paint.

You’re put in charge for a week. Who do you hire and why?
If I was put in charge for a week I would hire my roommate, Xero, (aka Sean), and my manager, Shawn, because they both are very creative artists with an eye for detail. Xero is also an engineer major so I’m sure he would come up with some awesome ideas.


Student Worker Nicole Marianovich

What has been your favorite exhibition so far?
My favorite exhibition so far while working here has been both the Faculty Art Show and the Senior Show. The High School and SWIC [Student] Show are also on my fave list! Though, I’m sure that list will grow and grow!

What’s your favorite media to exhibit?
My favorite media to exhibit is framed pencil/charcoal drawings, however, this semester I’m taking a sculpture class so I’m excited to see what my 3D art looks like displayed on a pedestal.

If you could demand to have one artist show at the Schmidt, who would it be and why?
If I could demand to have one artist show at the Schmidt it would be such a difficult decision that I would have to flips coins and draw straws. Lately, I have been really into the whimsical side of the art world, exploring content such as fairies and moon phases, that I wouldn’t mind being surrounded by the works of Brian Froud and feeling like I’m in the World of Faerie!

What are your hopes for the Schmidt in the future?
My hopes for the Schmidt in the future are that it continues to display art from all over the world and locally, and that maybe one day I will be a Senior Schmidter!! ( Nicole Junior Senior has a nice ring to it!)
[To distinguish Nicole from curator Nicole, we affectionately refer to them as Nicole Junior and Nicole Senior, respectively.]

Possibly the most important question: What music do you listen to when you’re working on your art?
The music I listen to while working on my art varies depending on what I’m working on and the mood I’m in. Here lately, I have been turning my Pandora on Halsey radio and just letting it play out. I’ve also tuned into The Glass Animals and Portishead on YouTube and letting that take me down its own unique rabbit hole.


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