Sneak Peek: June 4 – July 30 Exhibitions

Please join us for the opening reception of exhibitions by Brian D. Smith, Leandra Spangler, and Adam West on June 4th, 6 – 8pm. Shows are open through July 30th.

Brian D. Smith: Passage and Occurrence
Paintings that process memory through the metaphorical arrangement of color, texture, and shape

Brian D. Smith's "Evora" (detail)

Brian D. Smith’s “Evora” (detail)

The act of painting is a vital experience. I create from an intuitive base to develop a particular logic that will make a painting whole.

I see my paintings as a document of memory and the painting process that produces a view into an imagined space. Their meaning is derived from specific feelings I have about nature as well as my reactions to the art that inspires me.

The resulting arrangements of colors, marks, textures, and shapes are fundamental characteristics of my art that should be understood metaphorically. They are integrated to convey a dazzling optical effect and a spirited emotional quality. The sensuous qualities of paint make these aspects conspicuous and the images themselves abstract.

To learn more about Brian and his work, visit

Leandra Spangler: Voyage
Paper sculptural forms inspired by the rich tones, textures, and forms of the natural world

Leandra Spangler's "Tanit" (detail)

Leandra Spangler’s “Tanit” (detail)

Deeply rooted in the Midwest, my world is rolling hills, woodlands, creeks, and fields where beauty is found, not in grand vistas but within arm’s reach. My inspiration comes from the rich tones, textures, and forms of the natural world.  Although I admire and appreciate the garden in its entirety, I treasure the seed pod and pebble found on the path. Observing at arm’s length or even closer, I focus on detail, connections, striations, patterns, and the play of light and shadow.

In the same way, I enjoy creating sculptural forms, but find creating the tactile surface with highly textured handmade paper most gratifying. Enhancing the play of light and shadow of the surface with layers of color is magical.

My earliest art work using handmade paper explored textured papers and their edges, investigating with the way light and shadow identifies the raised, indented, and wrinkled surface. Twenty-five years later, I am still creating surfaces, which allow light to dance over impressed textures creating highlights and shadows.  Recognizing a subtle shift in my thinking – from “sculptural basketry” to “sculptural forms with openings”— this change in approach opened new opportunities, as the forms were no longer “required” to have an opening at the top or to stand up straight.

To learn more about Leandra and her work, visit

Adam West: Fauxtographs
Photographs of fabricated scenes that create a playful conversation about reality and imagination

Adam West's "Lunar Fog" (detail)

Adam West’s “Lunar Fog” (detail)

This body of work is made up of two halves. The imagery consists of small fabricated scenes using toys, found objects, and things I build. I complement those images with landscapes that are photographed in a way so they appear miniature to create a playful conversation about reality and the imagination.

To learn more about Adam and his artwork, visit


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  1. I recently purchased a Schmitt and a Wm Schimdt are these worth anything
    of value.
    Thank you.

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