Schmidt Art Center Student Workers Interview #1

The SWIC Student Show is currently up at the Schmidt, so  what better way to celebrate than to force our student interns into answering our interview questions?

We start out with Lorraine Cange.

Lorraine Cange_Human Rituals

Lorraine in front of her award-winning photograph triptych, “Human Rituals,” now on view in the SWIC Student Show.

1) How long have you been working at the Schmidt?
LC: Since fall 2014.

2) What is the strangest question you’ve been asked while working at the Schmidt?
LC:  Where’s the bathroom?

3) What is your go-to media?
LC: PHOTOGRAPHY…3D ART…decisions…decisions!!!

4) You’re put in charge for a week, who do you hire and why?
LC: My Drawing II classmates!!!

5) What has been your favorite exhibition?
LC: The SWIC Student Show!

6) What’s your favorite media to exhibit?
LC: That’s a tough call!  I enjoy exhibiting anything I can produce successfully!

7) If you could demand to have one artist show at the Schmidt, who would it be and why?
LC: WOW!  Good question.  Wassily Kandinsky would have to be close to the top of my list.  The incorporation of hard and soft imagery in his work is inspirational to me.

8) Where do you hope to go with your art?
LC:  I hope to be a successful working artist.  But [I] may also like to teach at the high school or university level.

9) Possibly the most important question: What music do you listen
to when you’re working on your art?
LC: I have close to 10,000 songs in my iTunes collection.  Somedays it’s Motown.  Other days it’s Radiohead.


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