Interview with Albert Kuo


Not only is Albert Kuo an impeccable artist who is currently showing here at the Schmidt, we’re also lucky enough to call him our good friend and arts-in-education resident. Get to know Albert in this week’s artist interview, and see why we like him so much. 

1. When did you know the arts were what you wanted to do, long-term?
Albert Kuo: Since I was a child, the arts were encouraged by my parents.

2. What inspires you the most?
AK: People.

3. What is your current favorite medium?
AK: Experimenting is always exciting to me. Oil seems to remain my favorite due to the alchemy associated with it.


“Uncertainty” (detail) oil & mixed media on birch by Albert Yowshien Kuo

4. When you’re working, what do you listen to, if anything?
AK:  For this show I listened to Blood Orange, Modular Synthesizer Artists, and NPR

5. What piece are you most proud of?
AK: 1985. It feels like the 80’s design and cinema.

6. Not to be morbid, but what would you like to be remembered for?AK: A person who worked hard for what was important to them.


Watchers oil & mixed media on birch by Albert Yowshien Kuo

7. Have you ever regretted making something and showing it?
AK: No. It’s always great to see the work outside of the studio. I keep the bad work in my bedroom.

8a.What is the best comment you’ve ever received?
AK:  “The show looks great Albert.”

8b. The worst?
AK: “Barbara, look, this painting is terribly ugly.”

9. What would you like to accomplish within the next five years?
AK: Higher quality and deeper understanding of what matters to me.


Bauhaus for Gropius oil & mixed media on birch by Albert Yowshien Kuo

10.What’s your go-to snack when you’re working?
AK: Green Apples

11. If you could be anyone (Seriously, anyone. Past/present/future/nonexistent/existent. You get the idea.) who would you be and why?
AK: David Bowie

Thanks to Albert for being super cool and participating in this interview!

Stop by and see his work here at the Schmidt, but hurry because the last day of the exhibition is this Thursday, December 18!

Also, stay tuned for another special interview with Albert next year when he sits down for another round of questions with the staff interview!

Posted by student intern, Kailey Kirkley.



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