Four new artists at the Schmidt!

It’s Thanksgiving week, and it seems to be all the rage to say what you’re thankful for. Here at the Schmidt, we’re jumping on that bandwagon and letting the world know a few things that we’re thankful for.

In no certain order, here are four of the Schmidt’s current blessings.

1) Albert Yowshien Kuo

As if he weren’t already cool (Albert is the Schmidt’s arts-in-education resident). If you work at the Schmidt, you’re just automatically cool), he’s also an amazing artist. I don’t say that just because I have to make the Schmidt look good, he is honestly a captivating and enthralling artist.


From left to right; “Sister Summer”, “Watchers”, and “North Signal Hills,” all oil and mixed media on birch by Albert Yowshien Kuo.

How could we not be thankful for this to look at all day?


“Uncertainty” (detail) oil and mixed media on birch by Albert Yowshien Kuo.

2) Mark Pease


Left background: “Untitled (Red 35)” Acrylic on nylon. Right foreground: “Disk Variations II – Orange 3b” Screen print on paper by Mark Pease.

These screen prints and acrylics are so trippy. I realize I sound like I just got back from Woodstock, but I can’t think of a better way to put it. If you stare at the perfectly executed lines and spaces, you find yourself in a sort of daze. A good daze.

I’m not 100% convinced yet that Mark Pease isn’t some sort of wizard.


“Untitled (Purple25)” (Detail) acrylic on nylon by Mark Pease.

3) Dale Threlkeld

The Schmidt has a few pieces of Threlkeld’s work in its collection, so I’ve seen his work on my gallivants around campus, but seeing this many, this close is mind-boggling.


“Tempest Dei” (Detail) Oil on canvas by Dale Threlkeld.

How he creates these pieces, we don’t know, but we’re thankful that he can and continues to do so.


“Far Mystic” Oil on canvas by Dale Threlkeld

4) Michael Dunbar

Currently, the only 3D pieces in the Schmidt’s galleries, Michael Dunbar’s sculptures compliment Threlkeld’s paintings beautifully. They’re industrial and sturdy, but still maintain a grace that can only be explained by seeing them.


“Twenty-One Twenty” cast and machined bronze by Michael Dunbar


We have 8 of Dunbar’s bronze pieces in the Marsh Gallery right now that are just waiting for you to come see them.


“Entity/Twelve” Cast and machined bronze by Michael Dunbar

These four artists will be exhibiting in the Schmidt’s galleries until December 18th, so come check them out!

Also, stay tuned for interviews from each of these artists!

Posted by student intern, Kailey Kirkley

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