Internview…See what I did there?

I’ve realized that I’ve been doing little interviews with the artists that are exhibiting without properly introducing myself. What better way to do that than to interview myself?

I’m sure there are quite a few ways, but this is what we’ve got, kids.



1) How long have you been working at the Schmidt?

Almost four months, but it seems like I’ve been here forever. In a good way, I promise.

2) What is the strangest question you’ve been asked while working at the Schmidt?

A woman came up and asked where we’d bought the soap dispensers. She didn’t care about the exhibition, but she loved those soap dispensers.

3) What is your go-to media?

Photography. I’m not a huge commitment person, but I’ve stuck with photography for a while now and I’m still happy with it.

4) You’re put in charge for a week, who do you hire and why?

Bob Ross. Hands down. I realize he’s dead, but that’s a minor detail.

I feel like he would fit perfectly in the Schmidt atmosphere. Totally chill and adorable. My love for Bob Ross is uninhibited.

5) What has been your favorite show?

Our current exhibition. I’ve only been here for two, though, so my opinion probably shouldn’t count.

6) What’s your favorite media to exhibit?

I prefer 2D art. My obligatory answer would be photography, but I find myself more entranced with paintings than any other 2D artwork.

7) If you could demand to have one artist show at the Schmidt, who would it be and why?

I really love stuff from Chloe Rice. All of the art she makes is adorable and she makes me wish I possessed half the abilities she does.

That, and I think she and Alex Pardee are the cutest couple to ever grace this fine earth.

or David Carr .

8) Where do you hope to go with your art?

Honestly, I don’t know. I want to get better, so that the images in my head match, or at least vaguely resemble, what I produce. I want to travel and experience more through my art.

I also really want to be able to get to the point where I can do whatever I want and have people excuse my behaviors because I’m an ‘artist’.

9) Possibly the most important question: What music do you listen to when you’re working on your art?

I can’t set a certain music type for when I work. I have a tendency to get a little antsy when I’m out shooting, so anything that has a beat that I can dance to while setting up a shot has my heart.

Usually my fall back album is Kitty Hawk by KI Theory.

We’ll be doing interviews with everyone who works at the Schmidt, so stay tuned to see what these weirdos have to say!

Posted by student intern, Kailey Kirkley.


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