Interview With Tammie Rubin

  The ceramicist behind the whimsical and colorful pieces currently on display at the Schmidt , Tammie Rubin, answered our questions on what fuels her, her art, and everything in between.

A piece from “Silence! Magical Thinking In Progress” by Tammie Rubin

1. When did you know the arts were what you wanted to do, long-term?
Tammie: After I graduated from undergrad, I got a job and a studio. I wanted to know if I was self-directed to make work and I could do so without the structure of an academic institution. Those couple of years before graduate school were vital for me and at the end of that time, I was committed to being an artist.
2. What inspires you the most?
T: Time in the studio and out of it.
3. What is your current favorite medium?
T: Porcelain casting slip, underglaze, and resin.

“Viaticum” by Tammie Rubin

4. When you’re working, what do you listen to, if anything?
T: My practice is process heavy, meaning there is a lot of preparation before I enter the mode of making. I listen to different things for different tasks. I’m a podcast junky, and lately my favorites are the following:
Wham Bam Pow
WTF with Marc Maron
The Read
Stuff You Should Know
I also listen to audiobooks and music, the latest audiobook  “Wildseed” by Octavia Butler
and the albums on rotation “Lese Majesty” Shabazz Palaces and “After the Disco” by Broken Bells.
5. What piece are you most proud of? 
T: That’s like asking a parent to choose between their favorite child. Over time I look back over the bodies of work I’ve made, and each body becomes a time capsule of a certain period of my life. Each body has its place.
6. Not to be morbid, but what would you like to be remembered for?
T: I don’t think about “after”, we have such a short time on this planet I concentrate on living.
7. Have you ever regretted making something and showing it?
T: No. I’m prolific in the studio and if sculptures don’t make the cut they meet the hammer.

“Confess and Unburden II” by Tammie Rubin

8. a)What is the best comment you’ve ever received?
T: I’ve had a few people literally be speechless, that was the best.
b) The worst?
T: What if these were hats?
9. What would you like to accomplish within the next five years?
T: I’d like to move away from the individual sculptures into more installation work. I’ve also starting exploring new technologies like 3D Printing and CNC Routers. I’m not sure how these processes can fit but I like the experimenting.
10. What’s your go-to snack when you’re working?
T: Yogurt covered pretzels, both sweet and savory, tasty.
11. If you could be anyone (Seriously, anyone. Past/present/future/nonexistent/existent. You get the idea.)
T: A better version of myself.

Many thanks to Tammie Rubin for taking the time for this interview! 

Come see her clay assemblages on display at the Schmidt now through October 3rd!

Posted by student intern Kailey Kirkley.


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