Interview with Terri Shay

Take a peek into what it means to be Terri Shay as we were able to catch up with the artist behind “Color and Organic Form” over a few serious and silly questions.

“Summer Sun” Terry Shay

1. When did you know the arts were what you wanted to do, long-term?
Terri: I’m not sure if there was a defining moment when I knew that the arts were what I was going to do long-term.  It seems to be how I have spent my time and where my motivation stayed since my discovery of a blackboard and chalk in preschool.
2. What inspires you the most?
T: What inspires me most is nature. This happens in many different ways and is constantly changing. Sometimes it is imitating a landscape or looking at the shapes and repeated patterns in plants or  flowers, but I continually enjoy being in natural surroundings and enjoying what it has to give.
3. What is your current favorite medium?
T:  I think my favorite medium at this time continues to be oil.  I like to visit other mediums like charcoal and sometimes watercolor, but I return to oil for its texture, versatility, and color.
4. When you’re working, what do you listen to, if anything?
T: Mostly I listen to things that are put together on Pandora radio, I like Jack Johnson and Coldplay, but every once in a while I listen to yoga music.
5. What piece are you most proud of? 
T: I think that would have to be a piece named Carnival Daisy, I think so far it is one of the more unique pieces I have done for its personality, its seemed to have a musical quality. It sold to a Dentist in Texas.
Carnival Daisy-small2

“Carnival Daisy” Terri Shay

6. Not to be morbid, but what would you like to be remembered for?
T: I would hope that I have inspired good in what every form it shows up
7. Have you ever regretted making something and showing it?
T: Not really, I might have wished that I had had more time to produce a greater volume of work before a given deadline.
8.  a)What is the best comment you’ve ever received?
T: I had a respectable teacher and artist, tell me I was the most talented student they had ever had. I was incredulous, but very honored.
  b) The worst?
T: Women made poor Illustrators, their work is weak (can’t hardly believe that one either) I guess the comment was not just to me but directed at all females.

“Storm” Terri Shay

9. What would you like to accomplish within the next five years?
T: I would like to expand the area that I show any art, like a larger area in the Midwest region or more and I would like to start making larger works.
10. What’s your go-to snack when you’re working?
T: Mostly coffee, but sometimes peanuts and dried fruit
11. If you could be anyone (Seriously, anyone. Past/present/future/nonexistent/existent. You get the idea.)
T: I would like to be either Wonder Woman or Xena the Warrior Princess. Flying around in an invisible plane and kicking a$$ is my cup of chai tea, so to speak. Love that question.
Big thanks to Terri Shay for taking the time for this interview!
Posted by Kailey Kirkley, Schmidt Intern.



One response to “Interview with Terri Shay

  1. nicoledutton

    I love this interview! The questions are perfectly posed and the artist’s answers are even better! Thanks for sharing.

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