Belleville Bicentennial: 200 & Andrea Hoelscher’s Photographs Now Open

Marsh Gallery

Belleville Bicentennial Exhibition: 200

Belleville Bicentennial Exhibition: 200
July 3 – August 15, 2014

An exhibition of items on loan from Belleville area residents and organizations that tell the story of Belleville’s 200 years.

Presented by the Belleville Bicentennial History and Archives Committee, including the William and Florence Schmidt Art Center, St. Clair County Historical Society, the Labor and Industry Museum, Belleville Historical Society, Gustave Koerner House Committee and St. Clair County Genealogical Society.

For more information on Belleville’s Bicentennial, visit


Andrea Hoelscher’s “Okra”

Andrea Hoelscher: Photographs
July 3 – August 14, 2014

Photographs of arranged fruits and vegetables that suggest symbolism, beauty, and character.

Closing reception will be held on August 14, from 6 – 8 p.m.

Artist Statement

Fruits and vegetables are classical subjects for the still-life genre, rich in visual beauty and meaning. I pay close attention to the interplay of the formal qualities for each arrangement, such as the shapes created by the subjects, the lighting, the contrast of textures, and the color interactions. Enlarged greater than life size, each ordinary vegetable or fruit in the photographs is offered as a feast for the eyes and for the mind.

Like the fruits and vegetables in master paintings my subjects are freighted with human associations and symbolism. Instead of inert objects, these fruits practically become characters posing for a portrait. Their wrinkles, scars, and bumps make each fruit or vegetable unique. My arrangements suggest human relationships, attributes, or desires. A group of okra seems to assemble as if for a family portrait,, and an elderly banana is held aloft on the shoulders of its younger kin. Though these are objects of nature, as food they are also very much of culture.

Once a fruit or vegetable is gathered from its plant, it takes on the status of food. As food they are not only a source of nutrients and sustenance, but also a part of cultural traditions involved with food. A few of my subjects come from my backyard garden, but most come from supermarkets, travelling from far-off places to my table. In my photographs I ask the viewer to consider these extraordinary, yet so ordinary subjects anew. These images reflect my interest and fascination with the meaning of what we eat.


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