Student Worker Post – Sherwin Rivera Tibayan

Sherwin Rivera Tibayan: American Rephotographs

American histogram

Sherwin Rivera Tibayan’s “The Histograms”

Whoever said that art had to be your typical paint and paint brush? With the Schmidt Art Center’s new exhibition, we have completely defined what it is not to be your typical artist, but to encourage your imagination of what art means to you. Sherwin Tibayan is a great example.

 With the opening of the exhibition today, you may see a few art pieces that might make you think, “What does this really mean?”

 Believe me, I’ve asked myself the same question.

 One of the main art pieces that really puzzled me was The Histograms; Mr. Sherwin Tibayan really put me in a brain fart with this one. Once actually being told what it meant, I automatically saw what he was trying to convey.

histogram of histograms

An example of what “The Histograms” are about.

 As you can see, many have their own way of expressing the arts and Sherwin Tibayan did a great job. I consider this piece, The Histograms, to be my favorite. With that being said, I can now take a photo and understand the message of the histogram of the photo.

Sherwin’s works, including The Histograms, are on view at the Schmidt Art Center October 24 – December 12, 2013. For more information, visit

This post was written by Schmidt Art Center student worker Markysha Marks.


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