Sun Smith-Foret, Carol Stewart, & M.A. Papanek-Miller Exhibitions Now Open

Sun Smith-Foret – Art About Film: New Work

Jan. 17 – Feb. 28, 2013

Influenced by a variety of artistic mediums and practices, Sun Smith-Foret joins film and quilting techniques to focus on the relationships between cinema and its universal themes.

Includes collaborators Erica Popp & Dawn Ottensmeier.

Shown: Sun Smith-Foret’s Spike Lee Joints I, (detail)



Carol Stewart – Light Abstracted

Jan. 17 – Feb. 28, 2013

Characterized by a sophisticated play of color and brushwork, Carol Stewart’s still life and tablescape paintings provide the viewer with a feeling of light.

Shown: Carol Stewart’s Quince, Persimmon, & Shallots (detail)


M.A. Papanek-Miller – … go forward till you come to a castle

Jan. 17 – Feb. 28, 2013

M.A. Papanek-Miller’s whimsical collages incorporate toys, animals, and other “cultural souvenirs” that allow the viewer to participate in conceptual and intellectual discourse.

Shown: M.A. Papanek-Miller’s Looking for Alice: taking (the) water(s) (detail)



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