Internship Opportunities

We are currently accepting internship applications for the upcoming fall, spring, & summer semesters.

See below for information.

The Schmidt Art Center Internship Program

The William and Florence Schmidt Art Center exhibits visual
images that inspire, inform, and connect college and
community. Exhibits of art and cultural artifacts that meet the
highest contemporary aesthetic standards and related cultural
programs will expand visual literacy among the Southwestern
Illinois College community and the adults and children of
Southwestern Illinois.

Internship Objective
Internships provide experiences for undergraduate and graduate students to learn about the practices of the Schmidt Art Center, including hands on experience with gallery exhibitions, outdoor art, a permanent collection and arts education. Students will become aware of a variety of career opportunities in the art field and begin to build valuable experience necessary to enter into the professional world of art. Internships at the Schmidt Art Center are unpaid volunteer opportunities.

Hour Requirements
Fall and spring internships require a minimum commitment of two days per week and at least six (6) hour per week. These internships are offered during the school year, coinciding with the fall and spring semesters. Fall and spring internships are ideal for registered students who require internship or practicum credits, but students need not receive credit if they do not wish to do so. Summer internships are scheduled at time of placement and correspond with the hours required by the college or university. Summer internships must be between May 28 and August 9.


Art Education Internship
The Art Education Internship is project-based and offers the intern an
opportunity to work with our arts education programs – the High School Student Series and the Creative Kids Art Classes. Fall internships offer the opportunity to work with high school students from Belleville and area schools. The High School Student Series is designed to give opportunities to teens serious about art as a career and includes classes, a speaker series, and information and instruction that supplement the traditional arts education offered at the high school level. The Art Education intern will assist in designing and organizing academic curricula for the High School Student Series and help to facilitate the lesson plans at the Schmidt Art Center. The Art Education intern may also work to create lesson plans and help facilitate the Creative Kids Art Classes, a program offered on Saturdays at 11:30am and 1:30pm for ages 5 years and up. The Creative Kids Art classes offer children and adults the opportunity to tour the exhibit and get creative through an art project that relates to what they’ve seen. To learn more about the High School Student Series or The Creative Kids Art Classes programs, please visit

Museum Studies Internship
The Museum Studies Internship is designed to offer the intern hands-on experience working with a diverse, professional and cultural museum collection. The intern will assist in management, organization and maintenance of the collection and its database. Some of the collection includes art from renowned artists such as Claus Moor, Salvador Dali, Ansel Adams, Rembrandt Van Rijn, and Robert Motherwell. The intern will work with the Southwestern Illinois College fine art department to schedule and facilitate docent tours for classes. The intern will also curate a mini-exhibition of the permanent collection in the Schmidt Art case for college art classes.

Gallery Internship
The Gallery Internship offers interns experience in scheduling, organizing and preparing gallery exhibitions for the Schmidt Art Center. The intern will assist in making labels, preparing contracts, and installing artwork using display equipment such as pedestals, vitrines and the cable system. Other tasks will include lighting the artwork, assisting with opening receptions, de-installation and packing of artwork. This internship provides students with an inside look into the methods of gallery operation.

The intern applicant must currently be an enrolled undergraduate or graduate student, or will have graduated within the same calendar year as the Internship.

How to Apply
All applications must be postmarked by September 1, 2012.
Applicants must submit:
• the application.
• two letters of recommendation from current or former college professors, academic advisors or recent/current employers;
• academic transcripts.
• a one-page essay describing the skills, abilities, and experiences that the candidate brings to the position he/she desires.

For an application or for more information, please contact:
Nicole Dutton
Curator & Facility Coordinator


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