Figure It Out, May 18 – June 22

Please join us tomorrow evening, Friday, May 18th, for the opening reception of Figure It Out, featuring Robert McCann, Jesse Thomas, Erin Rivers, and Connie Caveglia Mielke.

Contemporary history paintings by Robert McCann and Jesse Thomas share the galleries with Connie Caveglia Mielke’s figurative sculpture and photographs by Erin Rivers.


The General Reveals His Design

Jesse Thomas’ “The General Reveals His Design”

Jesse Thomas

Jesse’s paintings explore the arc of western pictorial form and thought. His domestic interior narratives, populated with “uniformed conspirators”, balance carefully rendered passages with direct paint applications to create tension between surface quality and illusionistic depth.



Hulk Upset

Robert McCann’s “Hulk Upset”

Robert McCann

TV shows, cartoon characters, and folkloric monsters are comic-tragic back stories Robert McCann uses to function as an implicit critique on our fragmenting language in the information age. These at once allegorical and absurd imageries convey recurring themes of the tipping point between action and violence.


Connie Caveglia Mielke

"To The Land of Forgiveness" by Connie Caveglia Mielke

“To The Land of Forgiveness” by Connie Caveglia Mielke

Connie’s figurative sculptures integrate the architecture of the human shape with the influences on that form by the concepts and ideas that inspire, connect, and reveal the internal workings of the human mind. She uses glazes and stains sparingly to highlight the natural beauty of the clay.

"Wakarusa, Indiana: Post Office" by Erin Rivers

“Wakarusa, Indiana: Post Office” by Erin Rivers





Erin Rivers

Using a Hasselblad camera given to Erin by her late father, Erin’s photo journal explores the experiences her father had while on a road trip through Indiana.






Exhibition open through June 22nd.


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