Now Open: Domestic Musings from Above, Welcome to My World, & Paper Mosaics

Domestic Musings from Above, featuring Brigham Dimick & Benjamin Stern

Brigham Dimick's "Honor and Beluga"

Painter Brigham Dimick and photographer Benjamin Stern portray landscapes from a bird’s eye view to reflect on family and memory.

Beginning with photographs of his children, Dimick incorporates painted scenes of whales and representations of their migratory paths to “examine the rifts between their innocent musings about the natural world and the larger environmental concerns about the same subject.”

Benjamin Stern's "Workshop"

Photographer Benjamin Stern re-creates landscapes of childhood memories. Using a grid method, Stern photographs hundreds of close-up images of a chosen area and combines them to create an exact photographic representation of the area. “The topological approach to photography gives us insight into how land has been used, organized, and controlled through time.”

Welcome to My World, featuring Roberta Elliott

Roberta Elliott's "Off the Wall I"

Blacksmith Roberta Elliott creates botanical shapes and wall collages using recycled, forged metals. These organic styles and natural themes evoke continual growth and her background as an organic gardener.






Paper Mosaics, featuring Benji Rowan

Benji Rowan's "Iceberg II" (detail)

Shape, color, and figure come together to produce two-dimensional narratives in Rowan’s paper mosaics. As “decorated stories,” his paintings allow each viewer to draw their own conclusions about the stories they tell.

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