Opening Reception ‘Making It’ October 20th, 2011

Please join us for the opening reception of Making It, featuring Meredith Foster, Lebecca Peterson, Frank Roth, & Doug Eskra, October 20th, 6 – 8 pm.

Exhibition open through December 16th

Meredith Foster's "Forum II" detail

While traditional drawings use lines to create the illusion of three-dimensional space, Meredith Foster draws by cutting overlapping layers of paper and Mylar to create holes. These shallow cut spaces appear to have great depth when looked at from one angle, but are flat compositions from another viewpoint.  In these works, she explores the notion of our awareness of a place is a combination of both the experienced space and our idea of that space.

Lebecca Peterson's "Antique Shop Chair"

Labecca Peterson’s work deals with our changing relationship to objects in those spaces. To create her paintings, she prints her photographs of chairs on canvas and then uses traditional oil painting techniques to create their environment. She sees the chairs as a metaphor for the human condition; their styles represent design sensibilities of a particular era, the signs of wear giving them individuality.  Peterson’s romantic, painterly brushwork shows her affection for these underappreciated subjects.

Frank Roth's "I Like That Item" detail

Frank Roth was a successful graphic designer and teacher at Washington University School of Art, now called the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Art.  After retiring, Roth began to photograph in earnest. His experience as a designer is evident in the entertaining compositions he selects from seemingly random groups of people or views of the landscape. Once the image is chosen, he expertly controls the printing process to produce a print comparable in quality to the work of a master lithographer or other fine art print.  After seeing Roth’s work, the print button on your computer will seem like a mere toy.


Doug Eskra retired last year after 40 years on the SWIC art faculty.  He too, is an example of “making it.” He has successfully made a life in art for himself.

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