Up Close: Jane Birdsall-Lander & Joanne Kluba

Jane Birdsall-Lander Lyrical Objects

In her recent sculptural wall pieces, St.Louis-based artist Jane Birdsall-Lander reconfigures found objects and then binds them together with pigment stained waxed linen thread to build a group of primal alphabet forms. Made from cast offs such as salvaged wooden canes and scythe handles these pieces have the prehensile tension of primitive objects while at the same time they are elegant and seamlessly crafted. Conceptually the sculptures are inspired by the artist’s interest in the evolution of pictographs and ideographs into the modern alphabet as well as her desire to incorporate recycled artifacts into the sculptures. Her object/signs project a hands width from the wall cast shadows on the wall above and below. In this work Birdsall-Lander draws upon the alphabet as a source evoking a primitive communicative sense somewhere between music and poetry. These forms which are at the same time ideas and primordial shapes, sometimes assume a symbolic stance referring to the instinctive positions the animal and human body can assume at moments of deep emotion. Victor Hugo writes that “human society, the world the whole of mankind is in the alphabet” and so it is with Birdsall-Lander’s “Bound Alphabet.”

Jane Birdsall-Lander’s “Bundle” 2011

Joanne Kluba

St. Louis-based book artist Joanne Kluba’s intention is to involve the viewer intimately in the process of discovery, from the outside through the inside, hoping that the closing of the last page has touched the viewer with appealing thoughts, words, and images.
Most of the books in the BOOC exhibition are deconstructed journals; there are volumes for free-verse poetry, Haiku, memories, and collected treasures. Manuscript books and more unconventional folding techniques are also included, most of which are hand-painted and hand-lettered.

Joanne Kluba's "Garden of Earthly Delights, Revisited"

Schmidt visitors will have a chance to meet and hear the readings of Jane and Joanne at our Reading Rooms on September 22 and 29th from 6-8 p.m. Exhibting artists will read their poetry while visitors can handle many of the works in the exhibit.
Joanne will be reading her own poetry on both nights; Jane will be reading on September 22nd.

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