The Scavenger Hunt

Young visitors are in puppy love with our Dog Days of Summer scavenger hunt, which helps them more closely examine the dog sculptures on display.

Can you answer the questions?

1. How many dogs were done by DeDe LaRue?

2. What is the title of George Finch’s sculpture?

3. What breed of dog are the inkwells?

4. Can you find the nutcracker? What is the title?

5. How big (in inches) is the 20th century Great Dane?

6. Who is the artist of Stumped?

7. Find the bow tie. What is the sculpture?

8. What is DeDe LaRue’s Blue Afghan Hound made out of?

9. Can you find all of the non-dog animals in the sculptures? What are they?

10. How many dog ears are in the exhibition?

Bonus: How many dogs have collars?

The scavenger hunt is available at the front desk, and prizes are awarded for correct answers.


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