Julian, the Talking Raven

Speak, Memory X, 2011, 41" x 50.5", charcoal on Rives BFK (aka Julian)

Karen Bondarchuk has talked a lot about Julian, a talking raven she’s befriended (and a model for several of her corvid portraits). Julian is an unreleasable raven living at Horizon Wings Raptor Rehabilitation and Education Center. He was found with a severely broken and infected wing which left him flightless. He stays there as an educational bird to help bring awareness to the public of the environment around us. He has picked up a few phrases that he hears us say.

What was that? A talking raven? Yes, for those of you who didn’t know this (your blog poster included), birds in the corvid family are able to mimic speech, similar to parrots. This includes ravens, crows, and blue jays. Curious to see a talking raven? Check these videos out.

Who’s a good bird?

What’s Up?

This video shows that the raven was quoted saying, “Nevermore!”

Posted by Jessica.


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