Ubjects III at the Schmidt

How would you define your generation? Would you use world events, political movements, or popular culture as a marker of your generation? How about an object?

What object do you think most distinctly defines your generation? This question was asked to many residents of southwestern Illinois this past spring; the Ubjects III exhibit is the final result of their answers. Each of the ubjects (unique objects) in Ubjects III is distinct and carries its own story.

Be sure to visit Ubjects III between August 12 and September 24 to learn more about the unique objects and their stories as they portray many different generations in southwestern Illinois. An opening reception for Ubjects III will also be held on August 26 from 6 – 8PM.

Ubjects III at the Schmidt

Linda Whyte's 1960s "hippie" outfit

An 8mm Bell & Howell motion picture camera - one of the first home movie cameras

Many participants used popular music to define their generations

Dolls and other toys were also used to define generations. A Revlon and an American Girl Doll show how children played in two different generations.

Posted by Christina – CUSP Intern


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