What kids are saying about the exhibits

At the beginning of May, our art education coordinator, Kay Renner, led a student visit of the Art Center. After touring the indoor exhibits and outdoor sculptures, the kids had the opportunity to let loose their creative sides. They made small sculptures out of newspaper and were led on a scavenger hunt inside the galleries and were instructed to write sentences and mad lib-style sentences about what they saw. Here are some of our favorites:

David Hammond's photography. Students saw many things in his photos of grain elevators, including farms, sunsets, and even smoke stacks!

Sentence written by one student describing David Hammond’s work: “It looks like the moon is burning.”

Mad Lib-style sentence: “The  land seemed delighted when the weeds destroyed plants around the farm.”

Don Bevirt's digital photography inspired busy city streets and cafes.

Sentence written by one student: “People are sitting and drinking cocoa.”

Mad Lib-style sentences: “The street seemed delighted when the dull lights blinked around the darkness.”

“The beeping cars filled the highway in the sunset sky.”

Kids saw lava, oil spills, and even animals in Dale Threlkeld's paintings.

Sentences written by students: “It looks like exploding lava!”

“I see jellyfish tentacles floating in the water.”

Mad Lib-style sentences: “The beautiful picture on the right was the color of orange and the shape of an owl’s eye.”

“I noticed a dress on the left looked beautiful and the design started forming a triangle next to it.”

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