Upcoming Programs at the Schmidt

¤ A Day of “Play”, Saturday, June 12, 1 – 4 p.m. ¤

Enjoy an afternoon of art and music with your family! Listen to informal piano mini-concerts, view the art exhibits at the Schmidt, create your own drawings and monoprints, and enjoy some refreshments!

Area music teachers will bring their students to play informal mini-concerts on the piano for the “Kids and Keys” portion.

EcoKids Summer Program at the Schmidt Art Center

Have fun recognizing, recycling, and creating with trash!

¤ Recycled Archaeology – June 14 – 18, 8 – 11:30 a.m. ¤

What can we do with all this trash? Recognize, recycle, and create! Students will learn to identify recyclables and use them to create works of art! Students will learn drawing and collage, as well as make sculptures of assembled recyclables.

    ¤ Trash Museum – June 21 – 25, 8 – 11:30 a.m.  ¤

    Using trash assemblages created in the Recycled Archaeology camp, students will make modular clay wall sculptures. The students will learn more about sculpture, recycling, and museum practices, and create labels for home recycling bins and their sculptures!

    These EcoKids sculptures will be displayed with the students’ labels in the Schmidt Art Center from October 14 – December 11, 2010.

    Participate in one or both sessions and become an artist and recycling expert! To enroll, check out www.swic.edu/community or call 222-5618.

    *Please note that each session is limited to 14 children who have completed the 4th through 6th grade.

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