The Do’s and Don’ts of a Gallery

Museums and galleries get a bad rap because of “all the rules” they have. But really, there aren’t that many of them. Here’s a handy list of the “Do’s and Don’ts” at the Schmidt Art Center (many are universal gallery rules).

The Don’ts

1. Don’t touch the art!

Sure, this seems like an easy one, but you might be surprised with the number of visitors that come in and touch everything. The problem with touching is, besides the possibility of breaking something, even clean hands have oils that can damage the artwork. So, even if something looks touchable, fight the urge!

2. Please don’t wear backpacks in the Art Center.

We know this is a tough one since we are located on a college campus, but wearing a backpack can wreak havoc in the Art Center. Visitors with backpacks aren’t always aware of their space, and we’ve had many accidents due to this. Just coming to or from class? No problem. Just leave your backpack at the front desk with a staff member. They’ll be more than happy to guard your bag while you enjoy the art.

3.Please use pencils in the galleries. NO PENS!

Ever since you were first allowed to use pens in school,  they’ve been your writing utensil of choice. But who would have thought that they are a horrible weapon in a gallery? Pens can leave some nasty — and permanent– marks on artwork and walls. Pencil marks, on the other hand, can usually be fixed. That’s why we’ll stop you if we catch you using a pen. When you need to take notes in the gallery, please refrain from using pens. Don’t have a pen on you? Just stop by the front desk and take one. We have plenty!

4. The walls aren’t foot rests.

You probably don’t know it, but there is a war being fought in the Art Center. Jessica is constantly fighting with the walls to keep them clean and mark-free. It’s not an easy task, but visitors can help. We know that the climate control vents in the Reiner’s Gallery make for a tempting foot rest, but please avoid putting your shoes there. They leave really nasty marks! The same goes for all of the gallery walls. If your feet are needing a rest, please feel free to enjoy the comfy chair and couch in the Graham Lounge (right next to the front desk).

The Do’s

Take pencils from the front desk! They’re there for you to use.

Explore, question, learn, and enjoy the art. Remember, the exhibits are for you. Without visitors, we wouldn’t be here.

Also, don’t worry about being quiet. We love hearing visitors discuss the art.

-Posted by Jessica.

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